Power of Pi: Sous Vide Cooker

Getting a little bored of working in the digital world, I thought I’d burn some time building out a Raspberry Pi Sous Vide cooker to automate safe cooking!  By luck, someone already more or less solved the core of the problem with a Go-powered web interface that can control the cooking temperature.  With a few tweaks and additions, it now has a full menu pre-programmed so that operating is as easy as an HTML drop down menu.  It also uses d3.js to visualize the temperature history in the browser for easy quality assurance.

I wanted this to be production scale so I cranked up the original design by adding lots of insulation, using a larger cylinder container (just liftable when full), and doubling the amperage!  This thing makes the tastiest steak and strongest coffee you’ll ever experience.  If anyone is interested, I’ll post my fork of the code if you want Fahrenheit or a programmable menu.

Impact of Pi

It’s clear to me that Pis have revolutionized prototyping since we all have a cheap and accessible baseline for building embedded systems.  The minority of kids still getting into tech from high school age or beyond are often pulled in from the fun DIY projects you can get going pretty easily by following the lead of others.  Virtually every project I’ve ever thought to build on Pi has an open sourced project that’s similar enough to start with, whether it be on Instructables or Github.  It only took a week of side work to complete this cooker by building off the work of other great open sorcerers!

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