Solving NP-hard biz problems with Declarative Programming!

It’s extremely interesting how solving a hard computational problem immediately translates into the scalability of a company so often!  Take for instance the meal prep delivery model, where people order a week’s worth of food that’s then delivered locally.  Strangely, there’s not many good options on how to solve the logistic challenge that arises Continue reading “Solving NP-hard biz problems with Declarative Programming!”

Centralized Reporting with ELK Stack

There are a lot of third party services out there that provide you with analytics on your app.  This is just about always the best instant solution, but eventually you’re always limited by whatever features they do or don’t provide.  A custom reporting system (or at least a collection of hacks) is always necessary after a certain point and usually gets pretty ugly.  If you have a solid enough dev team, the best solution is to roll your own central reporting using the ELK (ElasticSearch/Logstash/Kibana) stack from the get-go! Continue reading “Centralized Reporting with ELK Stack”